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Sumi-e supplies in Nagasaki 2016/11/27 09:54
Anyone know where I can buy shodo / sumi-e supplies in Nagasaki? I'm looking primarily for brushes, in particular somewhere where I might be able to test before I buy, but at least has a decent range... I'm here for a week. Thanks for your help!
by Anji (guest)  

Re: Sumi-e supplies in Nagasaki 2016/11/29 10:32
I wonder why there is no answer. Have you already found one?
I don't live in Nagasaki, nor am I an amateur of shodo, but searching a little on google, I found these two shops.
Hope it helps.


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Re: Sumi-e supplies in Nagasaki 2016/11/29 16:53
Thanks for the suggestions! I will definitely look into those. I had found the Nagasaki-syodo site before, but my Japanese wasn't competent enough for me identify whether there was an actual store to visit, or what the address might be...
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