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Ginzan onsen. What to do? Day trip 2016/11/27 14:07
So I have been interested in ginzan for a while now. Looks beautiful and charming. However, a quick Google made me realise it is really small. Is it like noboribetsu onsen in that it is solely for hot spring and nothing else? Cause it is really inacessible and expensive and there seems to be nothing to do there.
If I was to make a day trip there from yamagata, anyone has any suggestions on what to do? Are the ryokans open for people who want to go for some onsen?
by Jh (guest)  

Re: Ginzan onsen. What to do? Day trip 2016/12/5 00:30
I guess it depends on what you think is expensive, but it only costs 670 yen to get to Oishida Station and 710 yen bus ride to Ginzan Onsen. It's a nice daytrip and I don't think the price is so bad, but of course that's a matter of opinion.

As far as things to do, the main thing other than the onsen is the short hiking trail that leads past the waterfall to the former mines which you can enter and walk through. It's quite nice.

Beyond that, there are some souvenir shops and places to eat, and the townscape itself is really beautiful. But the onsen are obviously the real reason to visit. There is an information center with a list of the onsen that allow day visitors with entry times so you can visit the ones you are interested in.
by Rabbityama (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Ginzan onsen. What to do? Day trip 2016/12/5 09:17
Ty. I have decided to forego ginzan cause of the lack of time. Was trying to do both ginzan and zao coming in from Narita. Since its winter I wouldn't be able to do the walking trail. Decided to go to zao. (I can go to ginzan if I taxi, would rather return next time)
by Jh (guest) rate this post as useful

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