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Johnny's countdown concert? 2016/12/1 23:57
Hii ! I'm going to japan in the end of december and I really would like to go at the johnny's countdown but I don't know where I can buy tickets because I know with this agency, it's complicated. I take a look on this website but is it good ? And I saw that prices were high, how much do you think I have to prepare for this concert ?

I'm verry sorry for my english...

And, thank you very much !!
by Lauly (guest)  

Re: Johnny's countdown concert? 2016/12/2 09:38
Applications are for fanclub only and they have only just started so no tickets are out yet.
This is an event with an enormously low chance of hitting considering how many popular groups attend, so resale prices are going to be VERY high. I've seen tickets go for 80,000, even 100,000 yen a ticket in the past. You may be able to find something for cheaper but don't hope to find anywhere close to the original price.

If you are located abroad your best choice would be to use resale sites like ticketcamp through a proxy (someone who has a Japanese address and can pay for you).

One more thing, Johnny's is apparently cracking down on illegal resales so they might do random ID checks. There is a name on the ticket, and if they don't match, they might not grant you access. It will likely not happen, but there IS a chance.

In any case Fuji TV is going to broadcast it live so you can still watch it on tv...!
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Re: Johnny's countdown concert? 2016/12/2 18:11
Yes, I saw that yesterday but it's so complicated :( I think I have no chance to find a ticket with a reasonnable price but 80 000 yens is very very expensive, I can't :(

I didn't know ticketcamp and I try this website but I don't find ticket for the countdown yet.

Maybe if I find a someone in Japan, there is possibility but I don't think so... I have to let it go ahah !

And I know for fuji TV, Basically I watch it on my computer but it's not the same lol.

Thank you very much for your answer !!
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Re: Johnny's countdown concert? 2016/12/19 15:28
But is it possible to attend for a foreigner? because i'm here in Japan, and i really want to buy a ticket, it's kind of my dream, but i don't want to spend 30,000 yen just for nothing... I read about the ID, but it is random as you said? or they will check everyone?
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Re: Johnny's countdown concert? 2016/12/21 11:28
I've been to dozens of concerts (including Johnny's) with tickets that had Japanese names on them and I am conspicuously Caucasian, and had no problem. There MIGHT be checks. There likely won't, but I cannot say there 100% won't be. You are the only person who can decide if it's worth risking it.
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