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Are there any surf clubs near Yokohama? 2016/12/2 06:32
I am moving to Yokohama soon. I'm looking for a group of surfers to take weekend surf trips with in Japan. Are there any groups or clubs that surf together in the area? I love to surf and really want to get barreled in Japan.
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Re: Are there any surf clubs near Yokohama? 2016/12/2 09:42
You should look into the Shonan coast area, which is easy to access from Yokohama. I know there are surf clubs in Kamakura, Fujisawa, Chigasaki and Hiratsuka, so maybe try googling with these areas!
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Re: Are there any surf clubs near Yokohama? 2016/12/20 10:05
I am not sure if there are surf clubs in Japan. I am just basing that on the fact that my surfer friends over there do not belong to a club. I could be wrong. I was lucky enough to meet one of these guys during my business trips to Japan. Even though I don't work for that company any more, he takes me surfing when I visit. And has introduced me to others that I can contact, as well. Of course, in turn, they have visited me in California.

I think the best bet is to hit up the local surf shops and befriend the shop bros. Or just go surf and hang out at the parking lot between sessions and try to make friends. As the other guy said, Hayama, Zushi, Kamakura, and Shonan are nearby. These spots tend to be flat to small and very crowded, but will turn on when there is a typhoon. During a typhoon swell the conditions will regulate the crowd. If you want a little bit more size and consistency, drive up to Kawasaki and take the tunnel that goes under the bay to Chiba. All sorts of breaks from Chikura to Kujukuri.

Good luck!
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