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Pocket wifi 2016/12/4 14:20
Hi everyone,

So I'm leaving for Japan very soon and I was just wondering if it was possible to rent a pocket wifi at Kansai but drop it off at a different location such as Narita? Also, is it possible to rent the wifi package at the spot rather than pre-ordering?

Thanks :)
by jennyp1441  

Re: Pocket wifi 2016/12/5 15:22
There aren't as many pocket wifi's kept in stock as cell phones, so they sometimes run out if you don't reserve one. Most of the companies will let you return at their counter at another airport. A list of the companies that rent wifi are halfway down this page -

If you order one ahead of time from some place like rentafonejapan.com, it will be delivered to your first hotel or airport and you return it using a prepaid envelope that they supply. I find this easiest as I just drop it in a mailbox anywhere.
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