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luggage deposit during Himeji castle visit 2016/12/7 02:28
Dear All

I am planning a solo travel in Japan for April 2017. I am thinking to go from Kyoto to Osaka and to stop during the train trip at Himeji for visiting the castle and the garden. However, I will bring my large luggage plus and hand luggage. I think that it will be hard to find a coin locker in railway station for my large luggage.
Somebody know if I may deposit my luggage to Himeji Tourist Office or in other places?
I tried to write to the Himeji tourist office, but I was unable to find the E-mail address.

Thank you for your collaboration
Best Regards
by Vince (guest)  

Re: luggage deposit during Himeji castle visit 2016/12/7 09:52
Himeji is not between Kyoto and Osaka. Kyoto and Osaka are only about 30 minutes apart; Himeji is a bit further away!

You could send your large luggage to your next accommodation.
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