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Tree Nurseries in Japan 2016/12/8 01:49
Hello, I am the owner of a tree nursery in the UK and am planning a trip to Japan in the spring. I would really like to visit some tree nurseries while I am over there as I am sure I could learn a lot but having tried the internet I can't seem to find anything ( I am guessing this is due to my lack of ability in Japanese.) I was wondering if anyone knows any retail or wholesale tree nurseries that I may be able to contact. Any help would be really appreciated.

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Re: Tree Nurseries in Japan 2016/12/9 00:52
They are not saler but have worthful infomations well.
Use Google translate and Send e-mail. (Jump to page bottom)

Young tree(Ž÷–؁Fjyu-moku)/plant called "•c–Ø/nae-gi" in JP.
Agricultural Field called "•Þê/ho-jou" sometimes
but calling "”_ê/nou-jou" usual
however, this meaning wider not for only tree.
Also find a good interpreter.

Or asking/contact to saler direct when you are in Japan.
Every weekend/national holidays open "A–ØŽs/ue-ki-ichi" somewhere.
This Žs/ichi means market short of Žsê/ichi-ba.
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Re: Tree Nurseries in Japan 2016/12/19 14:36
Omiya in Saitama is where the "bonsai village" is located...if you're into trees it may be worth a visit and they may be able to point you in right direction.
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