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Classical concert clothing 2016/12/11 05:53
There will be a symphonic concert in a smaller city of Kyushu next year I wish to see. Tickets are on the way but I am not sure what to wear, as I will be doing a lot of travelling around the weeks after the concert I cannot bring too much.

I suppose pants and a t shirt might seem inappropriate. And as I will probably be the only or one of few foreigners there, I don't want to stick out too much.

Any suggesions for a male traveller
by Moxo (guest)  

Re: Classical concert clothing 2016/12/11 09:30
I would recommend for guys neat pants (no denim), at least polo or regular shirt, no tie needed but a jacket.
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Re: Classical concert clothing 2016/12/11 18:17
Regular clothes would be fine. I wear jeans on weekend for Kyushu Symphony Orchestra concert.
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Re: Classical concert clothing 2016/12/12 20:25
KyushuLocal is right. The Japanese in general go to ballets, operas and classical symphony orchestra concerts in jeans and sneakers. If you go dressed to the nines, you'd look weird. I miss those fancy concerts in Europe and America, even though I'm Japanese.

But when I went to Phantom of the Opera in London, I wore short boots that are also comfortable enough for sightseeing, a pair of fancy black pants and a very nice blouse. I took off my ordinary down jacket as I entered the venue.
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Re: Classical concert clothing 2016/12/13 00:21
I usually travel in light sweetshirts, for the packing purpose, like this for instance:

Have a spring jacket like this, worked fine during autumn:

And some walking shoes like this:

Not sure if it is too casual. Bringing like wedding wear or so and extra shoes would be a hassle...

I usually bring a single shirt like this one just in case, but it does not take up much space:
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Re: Classical concert clothing 2016/12/13 01:08
The single shirt should work.
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Re: Classical concert clothing 2016/12/13 05:44
I dont remember the exact date but it is somewhere late March, so... I would need a jacket anyway.

I managed fine in late October last year in Nara with just a sweatshirt and a t-shirt but I have no idea about spring.

I read that there will be a kid revenue before the concert, because the concert itself is no-kids zone. Not sure if the kids are to wait outside or if the respective parent will wait or return home though.
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