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Shaving gel, mosquito repellent, etc 2016/12/11 06:38
I am packing for a future Japan visit and trying to travel light, so I dont bring huge amouts of shaving gel,antiperspirant or so. I will bring a deet mosquito repellent since I will be seeing warmer regions.


How easy is it to find okay shaving gel in Japan? Prefered something without much parfume in it.

Same with antiperspirant. I will be hiking a lot and entering the hotel all sweaty and smelly is not to happy about.

Can you buy mosquito repellent as well? In case mine is lost or empty?

Also, pain killers. Do I need to see a doctor for that? I meant, in case of headache that would not need serious medication..
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Re: Shaving gel, mosquito repellent, etc 2016/12/11 08:28
For painkiller, the usual suspects (ibuprofen, acetaminophen (also called paracetmol in some places) and good ol' aspirin) can be found over the counter at all drugstores (type into Google Maps). Doses per tablet may be lower than what you are used to; just take several.
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Re: Shaving gel, mosquito repellent, etc 2016/12/11 12:59
DEET mosquito repellent is commonly found. Shaving gel - if you have a particular type you prefer, I would pack one or two. The same with antiperspirant - some say the local ones here are not strong enough, but I don't know if that is true or not. Everything you've mentioned is readily available here in Japan. Any major drugstore chain stores would have them.
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