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Rare/Old stamps 2016/12/15 09:09

Travelling in Japan atm and would like to find some rare/old stamps for my grandfather. Preferably a walk in store.

Will be in Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo until the 27th.

Any help will be much appreciated.

by Ash in Japan (guest)  

Re: Rare/Old stamps 2016/12/15 13:47
"Town Page(JP's Yellow Pages/)" knows.
Jump to left map and select the area.
Kyoto:京都/Osaka:大阪 is in Kansai:関西
Tokyo:東京 is in Kanto:関東

Use google traslate.
Stamp is "切手/kitte".
Most shops sale old coins/bills,too.

BTW, no new one?
Sales at regular Post office.

This store seems many collectors items,too.
http://marumatestore.com/?mode=f13 (access)
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