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What is the perspective about Peru in Japan? 2016/12/16 02:41
Hello everyone! Around 13% of Peruvian population are Peruvian-Japanese. In 1990s, Alberto Fujimori was President of Peru. And some Japaneses like Peruvian food such as "Ceviche" and "Aji de gallina." Nevertheless, they would like to visit "Machu Picchu", if they had the opportunity. However, all of these comments I have heard it from international Japanese students in New York. I would like to know the perception about Peru in Japan (generally), or they just know only the information that I mentioned before.

Thank you for reading my post and your precious time.

P.S: Good or bad comments will always be appreciated.
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Re: What is the perspective about Peru in Japan? 2016/12/16 22:09
My comment comes from a very limited experience (living in Japan for three years, with a co-worker who was Peruvian who lived in Japan for around a decade I think), but she did not have anything negative to say about how she was treated in Japan because of her nationality.

I will say that I did not see much Peruvian food in Japan, but I do know that it exists. Others will hopefully know more.
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Re: What is the perspective about Peru in Japan? 2016/12/18 06:16
Most Peruvian-Japanese have a good relationship with Japanese people, for they speak Japanese and follow their culture.

Thank you for your comment and time ^^
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Re: What is the perspective about Peru in Japan? 2016/12/19 17:46
I don't think Japanese knows much about Peru.
They wouldn't even know who is the president and if its in Africa or America. i am almost exaggerating here.
basically most of them (60-70%) have a very poor knowledge of the world geography.
Youngsters or graduate people tend to be more educated.
people who didn't go to university will not be able to tell where is New York. just know its "America"

I Saw quite a lots of brazilian/peruvian people here who have japanese ancestors, either born here or in South America.
They of course have a quite good knowledge of both country.

But to be frank at the world scale Peru is a small country, and very few knows facts about it.

As a french and since i am curious this is what i know so far :

- Your president got japanese ancestor.
- Your country is at the east side of south america with most of its land in mountainous area (andes)
- Machu Picchu is one of the most famous place
- Lots of corruption
- Friendly people
- Economy not so great
- Food, not sure, should be tortilla based, fun stuff you eat : guinea pig.

except USA/France/England and such they will not know.
First of all i would say (based on my experience )
that :

Tokyo :
Young : 10% will speak good/decent english, 20-30% will speak OK. other will know few words or nothing. THey might be able to understand writing english though.
Not young : 5-10% elite will speak.Others ... well forget it

Countryside : less than half the proportion of people in Tokyo.

In my humble opinion, people who lived abroad, have a very special interest about travelling/language or other culture are an exception.

Same goes for the Japanese people in that forum
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