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Tickets from I-Tike, E-Plus, Pia.jp 2016/12/17 07:48
I am looking to buy tickets for an upcoming concert in Japan i April, but there is no English site to order tickets.

The concert offers tickets from I-Tike, E-plus and Pia.jp sites, but being not too familiar with Japanese, I have a hard time understanding the buying rules and so on.

I read somewhere you can get a e-voucher, for which you can exchange for the real tickets up to the same day as the concert, but I cannot seem to find any such information on the sites.

I suppose non of these ship internationally. And also, I heard they do not accept foreign credit cards. I suppose you need to pay up before even getting the e-voucher... So is this true?

I thought of using some ticketing service but I think the fees are a bit high for it..
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Re: Tickets from I-Tike, E-Plus, Pia.jp 2016/12/17 10:50
This may sound a little strange but the people at buysumotickets.com may be able to help you. They can sometimes help with getting tickets to events other than sumo wresting.

I think if you are very specific with the concert date and time and venue they can help.

See their FAQ here:

Can you get tickets for other events in Japan besides sumo?
Yes, we can buy tickets for some other events in Japan, depending on how the tickets are sold. Please note that we are not experts in other events, so we cannot give the same level of advice as we do for sumo tickets. Ask us if youfd like help buying non-sumo tickets. If you want tickets for another event, please be specific in your request. Tell us what you want to see, where and when.
Examples of requests we can help you with:
Can you help me to get baseball tickets in Tokyo from July 15th to 20th?
I want to go to the New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) event on April 25th.
Examples of requests we cannot help you with:
What other events are on during my time in Japan?
I want to see an event from November 1st to 10th. Ifm interested in concerts, sports and theatre.

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Re: Tickets from I-Tike, E-Plus, Pia.jp 2016/12/18 04:47
Thank you. Seems not to sure if they can help, the tickets might sell out before. Do you know if the other Japan sites are okay? I mean pay online and picking up later?
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Re: Tickets from I-Tike, E-Plus, Pia.jp 2016/12/18 08:56
Sorry, I only know of buysumotickets.com
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Re: Tickets from I-Tike, E-Plus, Pia.jp 2016/12/22 11:07
You need to have a Japanese address and Japanese credit card to purchase tickets at those sites (yes, even if you don't get tickets shipped and just pick them up at the convenience store).
So if you live abroad your only chance is to ask a resale service such as the one the commentator above mentioned.
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