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Hakucho Park in Abashiri area has shelter? 2016/12/19 14:43
I will be in Abashiri (Hokkaido) on Feb 11 and am thinking of taking the bus to Hakucho Park at Lake Tofutsu to see the swans. The return bus will not be coming for a hour and 55 minutes so I need to know if there any heated shelter at the park where I could wait for the bus safely? If anyone knows, please respond. Thank you.
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Re: Hakucho Park in Abashiri area has shelter? 2016/12/20 00:48
Steet view knows.
No heated just blocked cold air/wind.

Park to bus stop.
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Re: Hakucho Park in Abashiri area has shelter? 2016/12/20 05:19
Thank you so much Raven for the critical information and links you provided which gave me a clear idea of the situation I will be facing. Although the bus stop shelter is not heated, there are heated places close by within 5-15 minute walk (Post Office, cafe, convenience store) and the park's heated Lake Tofutsu Wetland Center facility (09:00-17:00) has toilets open 24 hours except Mondays and Holidays. The park's English version web site link is (found it using the links you provided):

As the walk to the park is only 5-10 minutes on a good path, there should not be much of a difficulty walking to the park from the bus stop, seeing the swans, returning to the bus stop, and then going to the cafe to have a snack while waiting for the return bus time. Just be sure to return to the bus stop and wait in it's unheated shelter 5-10 minutes before the bus arrives.

The only key factor will be the weather as snow storms and very windy conditions may occur and prevent my visit.

Thank you again Raven for all your help.
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