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Baseball Tickets 2016/12/26 06:25
What is the easiest way in getting tickets for baseball watching?

What are these games like? Should I dress up in some specific way?
by Yolo (guest)  

Re: Baseball Tickets 2016/12/27 01:57
The easiest way to get the tickets are from the vending machines at convenience stores. You don't have to dress any differently than you would walking on a daily basis unless you want to support the team you're watching and then you can buy a happi or t-shirt or other merchandise for the team.

If you wish to purchase the tickets from outside Japan, however, the prices will go up as most places will charge a brokerage fee to providing the service to you. You can try or or do a search on the internet.
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Re: Baseball Tickets 2016/12/27 11:08
The easiest way is to go to Yakult Swallow's game. They have non-reserve seating in the outfield. You just show up (I'd get there early if they are playing the Tigers/Giants and it's a weekend or holiday) and buy your ticket from the ticket kiosk. They are pretty cheap too.

Tickets are also fairly easy to buy from the various event ticket machines in the convenience stores, if you want to go that route.

You don't really have to dress up, but I think it is fun to dress in the home team's colours and sit in the cheering section.
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Re: Baseball Tickets 2017/1/4 13:54
what about Hiroshima?
I've heard they are quite popular and should book in advance.
Should I go to one of the above listed brokers?
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Re: Baseball Tickets 2017/1/4 16:48
Seeing a game at Mazda Stadium in Hiroshima would be awesome!! I was lucky enough to see a game there this past March. I have been to 23 MLB stadiums and if Mazda Stadium were in the US it would be a top 5 MLB stadium.

Tickets might be hard to get since the Carp made it to the Japan series this past year. If you do go buy jet balloons and have them ready to blast off in the middle of the 7th inning!
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