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Is Fukui doable in 2 days? 2016/12/28 06:47
I am a medium-paced traveller. My interest are in seeing Tojinbo, the dinosaur museum and Eheiji.

I would arrive on Saturday afternoon and leave Monday afternoon. So basically 2 days. It looks doable, but wanted to get some other opinions.
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Re: Is Fukui doable in 2 days? 2016/12/28 11:54
I didn't do them in the same day but there is a bus that goes from Tojinbo to Eiheiji so I guess it's possible.

I was able to get all sorts of bus schedules at the Tourist Information office in Fukui.
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Re: Is Fukui doable in 2 days? 2016/12/28 22:39
Eiheiji and the Dinosaur Museum are located along the same train line, so as long as you time the buses to the temple properly, it is easy to see those together and then you can do Tojimbo the other day along with whatever else interests you.
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Re: Is Fukui doable in 2 days? 2016/12/29 02:31
What I did for 1 day is the Eiheji Temple-Tojinbo Cliff Tour since I only had 1 day to allot. This was my accidental trip but never did I regret that travel!

Since I do not know what to expect there, the lady at the Fukui Tourist Information Center (located outside the train station) offered me to tour to both places. She even mentioned the castle and the dinosaur museum but ended up just doing the Eiheji-Tojinbo tour. She even asked me if I have a JR pass (I was covered by Kansai-Hokuriku Area Pass then) which I did. I was even informed that each location is covered by a local pass.

The lady offered me a JPY 1500 1-day round trip pass that you can purchase in the same place. The local pass will get you from Fukui Station to Asakura Clan Ruins and Eiheji Temple. The first bus from Fukui Station (east or west side I forgot as I was in a hurry that time) will leave at 9:00. What I am not sure is if you can ride the same bus without the pass or pay the driver as you arrive there. I do not have the idea how much is the travel from Fukui to Eiheji Temple.

From Fukui Station, the bus will arrive first in Asakura Clan Ruins (which you can see while in the bus) then will arrive in Eiheji Temple. The bus will stop in front of a restaurant with bakery (apple pie as part of the sign) on its side. I had my lunch on the said restaurant. Unknowingly, the same restaurant let you purchase the bus ticket going to Awara-onsen. What I am not sure is if in the same restaurant there is a bus ticket from Eiheji all the way to Tojinbo that you can purchase.

From Eiheji, I returned to Fukui Station. I just went from Fukui to Awara-Onsen since both are in JR line and I was covered by JR pass hence.

From Awara-Onsen station, below the stairs or beside the lift is the tourist information center. Enter that office and if you say you are going to Tojinbo, the lady at the desk will say to you to purchase a JPY 1000 round trip pass from Awara-Onsen to Tojinbo. The said pass is purchased outside and beside the tourist center. If you obtain that, you will see that it has actually 'perks' included in which I am not aware of since it is all written in kanji. You may want to ask the lady in the tourist office what are written on that JPY 1000 pass. It was the Bus Stop 2 I recalled that the bus fetched me from Awara-onsen all the way to Tojinbo.

Had I research on Fukui before I went there, as already mentioned by Rabbityama, you can have Eiheji-Dinosaur Museum travel in 1 day as both can be reached on the same train line then do the Tojinbo tour in another day. Awara-Onsen to Tojinbo Cliff have interesting side trips so to say.
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