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Wifi/Mifi? 2016/12/29 08:51
My plane lands into Haneda airport at 10.30pm on the 7th February. Before I leave the airport I want to make sure my phone has internet access for peace of mind for my one month trip. Is it pretty easy to find somewhere that sells the portable wifi, and if so, how much approximately will it cost?
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Re: Wifi/Mifi? 2016/12/29 12:33
Search for "japan pocket wifi" here or on your favourite search engine.
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Re: Wifi/Mifi? 2016/12/29 12:41
In Oct and Nov 2016 I rented a pocket WiFi (MiFi) from the Global Mobile. They offer monthly rental plan for 6000 yen (less than $2US per day!). They have a pickup counter at Narita airport, but not at Haneda. They can have it delivered to your hotel, which is what I chose. When delivered, they enclosed a self-addressed prepaid envelope which you can use to return the unit when you are done with it. It worked out great.

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Re: Wifi/Mifi? 2016/12/31 07:41
If you need only internet access in your phone i would get just a Data SIM for your phone.
And if you need also internet on for instance a laptop or tablet than just put your phone in tethering mode (all smartphones have this capability and it is easy to set up. (Your phone becomes a wifi/mifi!)

Have a nice trip

B. Slager

Note Follow also the threat "TP Link M7350 pocket wifi works in Japan?"
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Re: Wifi/Mifi? 2017/1/3 20:34
You have a choice to rent or purchase a pocket wifi, if you do purchase one, get it out of japan, it's cheaper, try ebay or amazon, but really depend on where you live. BTW Huawei has the largest range and tends to be better, do check out what band that are available on the P wifi.
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Re: Wifi/Mifi? 2017/1/4 10:40
If you purchase your own pocket wifi unit you need to make sure that it is compatible with the frequencies/bands used in Japan. Also, you will still need to purchase a Japan data sim for it, and will have to set the APN of the pocket wifi as specified by the data sim provider. For those reasons it is more convenient for most people to rent a pocket wifi unit as it is preconfigured and ready for immediate use.
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Re: Wifi/Mifi? 2017/1/7 02:27
most huawei pocket wifi has all the bands for 3G, many for 4G, just activate the card and insert into the pocket wifi works without any configuration, works for me during my 3 visit to japan.
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Re: Wifi/Mifi? 2017/1/20 01:48
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