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gero onsen 2016/12/29 17:09
Is it worth to make a trip to gero onsen and stay a night or just do a day trip ?Planned to make Takayama my base and visit the surrounding places .
Canft seem to find any highway buses that go to Nagoya from Gero onsen, does that mean the only form of transportation is by train?
Appreciate any feedback ,thanks in advance.
by Evy (guest)  

Re: gero onsen 2016/12/30 02:46
I've stayed at gero onsen twice, and I think it's worth staying at for a night. Theres a couple things to do in town, and the water was okay, i guess. I've stayed at better places, but ive stayed at worse too.
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Re: gero onsen 2016/12/31 22:08
If you choose a hotel with a nice onsen it should be worthwhile. Gero has some that are rated among the best in Japan.
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Re: gero onsen 2017/1/2 07:24
gero as a daytrip is nice.
(the scenery is a little bit ruined by those ugly huge concrete hotels thou, so the town is not THAT romatic. but there is a small gem ryokan at the top of the hills, yunoshimakan, which you should visit, if you are there. it is a beautiful building with nice onsen. for overnight stays it is quite expensive, but go for it if you can afford it)

what is worse is, that they now force you to wear bathsuits when taking the onsen below the bridge, just because some people liked to stare from above. (i wonder why, it is still my problem that they see me naked?) - however when you go there in the very late evening you can take a naked bath still (generally with the locals, which will be old men for most times :-) )
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