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Kagoshima airport bus? 2016/12/31 22:42
Will stay in the harbour area in Kagoshima and was wondering if the non direct bus passing through Tenmonkan is like a airport limousine or like a regular kind of bus, considering luggage etc...
by Johnny (guest)  

Re: Kagoshima airport bus? 2017/1/1 00:10
Kagoshima airport bus to central Kagoshima city is airport limousine with luggage storage, so don't worry about your luggage.
by frog1954 rate this post as useful

Re: Kagoshima airport bus? 2017/1/1 01:07
As much as I know, only limousine type buses link Kagoshima airport with Kagoshima city. Airport limousine buses, regardless non stop or not, run almost on express way.
No need worrying about luggage space.
by ... (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Kagoshima airport bus? 2017/1/1 04:04
Thank you!
Well looking at the timetable with all the extra stops made me think of local or regular Express trains to and from airports.

Do you know if there is a map of the stops in Kagoshima?
by Johnny (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Kagoshima airport bus? 2017/1/1 08:59
I found this page, but could not find English version.

It might be misleading to name different types of buses as "express" and "local". These buses take different routes though every buses go to Tenmonkan and Kagoshima-Chuo (JR station). If you inform us the time of arrival and your hotel name, we might be able to assist more.
by frog1954 rate this post as useful

Re: Kagoshima airport bus? 2017/1/1 09:45
I hope this google map link will work In your browser.
In the city center, there are three main limousine bus stops: Tenmonkan, Kinseicho and City Hall (Shiyakusho-mae). I don't know, when you speak about the harbor area, which part of the district you mention. Depending on your hotel location, the nearest stop will be different. Compare this with your guide book map or your hotel access map.
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Re: Kagoshima airport bus? 2017/1/1 10:47

english website for kagoshima airport bus
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