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Station (Eki?) stamps and other places? 2017/1/1 07:27
We are booked for our first trip to Japan in Oct 2017. In watching the BBC "Joanna Lumley Japan" in Australia recently, I noticed the custom of having your own book to be stamped at train stations primarily, and perhaps most? (how common is this?) major tourist sites. Can you buy a specific blank book to collect these stamps? Where? What are they called? Or should I just buy any small book with great quality paper for this purpose? I am thinking that because this idea/custom seems uniquely Japanese, when we get home, I plan to deconstruct the stamp book and have the pages arranged in a collage and framed as a momento of our trip. Are these stamp stations widespread and easy to find? Thanks in advance for your help.
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Re: Station (Eki?) stamps and other places? 2017/1/1 10:18
I've bought those books but both times it was at the Railway museum in Saitama. The stamp table in each station is sometimes out of the way, but when you ask any of the staff, they will be able to point you to it. Many stations have them. I figure all the Yamanote line stations and some others in Tokyo. I stamped quite a few, but only about 7-8 in Tokyo. Most of the others were Shinkansen stations throughout Japan and touristy stations like Narai, Matsumoto, etc.

What I should have been doing, and you may want to do this yourself, is a temple book. It's expensive (1000-2000yen for the book, 300 yen for each stamp), but the calligraphy and the red stamps are gorgeous. With the accordion style pages open, I'm sure it's absolutely stunning. If I had done so on my 8 previous visits....anyhow....

I'm sure you can do an easy search for Japanese train station stamps and there will be quite a bit of info out there.
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Re: Station (Eki?) stamps and other places? 2017/1/1 10:59
I do not know if it will be held this year.
Last year from 1st October to 27th December, a stamp rally was held at 10 railway companies.
By pressing a stamp on the stamp sheet at the two designated stations, it seems that you got the railway card for that railroad company.
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Re: Station (Eki?) stamps and other places? 2017/1/1 11:07
If the book is similar to a temple stamp book, I've seen nice ones sold at Tokyu Hands. They're not cheap (at least 2000 yen per book), but the covers came in a variety of designs and they looked really good.
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Re: Station (Eki?) stamps and other places? 2017/1/1 11:23
I used my expired passport for collecting station stamps.

One thing I noticed is that most stamps are worn out or out of ink. So you may want to try it out on a scratch paper before you commit to your booklet (or bring your own ink pad).

Some stations didn't have their stamps, and other stations kept them in their offices (you just have to ask for it). Yotsuya station in Tokyo had the best (rubber was not worn out and the ink was full) stamp in my recent travels 2 months ago.
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Re: Station (Eki?) stamps and other places? 2017/1/1 22:09
I have done the Chichibu Pilgrimage, and have a stamped scroll from that. I have seen a few train station stamps, but not many. I also remember the A-bomb Museum having a stamp. I buy the temple books, and get them stamped.

There is also a "Seven Lucky Gods" mini pilgrimage in Tokyo. If you go to the Benten Shrine, they will give you a stamp sheet, with a map on the back to help you get to the other 6 shrines.

The other thing I have collected is "Safe Travel" charms, which I attach to my camera bag. The charms have some writing on them, showing which temple or shrine I purchased them from. By the end of the trip, I usually have 12-20 charms attached to my bag. Several Japanese show interest in looking at the charms, and seeing what places I have visited.
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Re: Station (Eki?) stamps and other places? 2017/1/1 22:09
Go to 100Y(108Y/w sales tax) shop "Daiso(or)".
Buy some regular memo pad/メモ帳: memo-chou(without lines, A6 size) enough.
Most stamps size 80x80mm/square or 80mm/circle.
A6 : 105×148mm
無地(muji) is no line type.

Collecting stn stamps are not so major custom as Japanese
but often "スタンプラリー/stamp rally(collecting game)" provided as tourism campain.
Stamp rally is not only by Railway companies.
Recent years photo rally by cellphone apps increasing.

In Japan history of samp collecting started about 200yrs ago.
Ohenro(w/goshuin-chou) is one of origin still continued.
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Re: Station (Eki?) stamps and other places? 2017/1/3 12:06
There are stamps everywhere. Train stations, museums, zoos; just about anywhere a tourist might go there's probably a stamp for the place.
I usually just use any old scrap of paper. Some places have scrap paper next to the stamps for stamping, and some places have a spot on the brochure/guide you get on entering for their stamp. I imagine a notebook with relatively thick paper would be ideal though.
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Re: Station (Eki?) stamps and other places? 2017/1/3 13:19
I had the Himeji Castle and Kokoen Garden stamp. Fortunately, I found that on my way out of Kokoen Garden. The said place has its own dedicated piece of paper to stamp your remembrance there.
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Re: Station (Eki?) stamps and other places? 2017/1/3 14:05
Temple stamp book is called Goshuin cho(御朱印帳).
Some shrines have places where it is sold.
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