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somewhat off topic 2017/1/2 14:51
Hello! I have used Japan Guide for my past 3 trips to Kanto, Kansai and Hokkaido regions. This site is a godsend for many travelers who are new to the country.
Just wondering -- does anyone know a site similar to Japan Guide for USA travel (specifically NYC)? There's Trip Advisor but I haven't found it as useful as Japan Guide. It will be our first time to travel to USA. Thank you!
by Gigi (guest)  

Re: somewhat off topic 2017/1/2 17:35
With exception of a good forum, you can use travelwiki (Which is btw also a good source for japan):

& there are offline apps whith that you can download the whole wiki content into your smartphone while traveling.
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Re: somewhat off topic 2017/1/2 18:07
Sorry, I haven't found a forum similar to this for anywhere else. I think that Japan is sufficiently different to need this forum while still being a popular enough destination to support it. I am immensely grateful to the people who run it.
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Re: somewhat off topic 2017/1/2 22:08
Japan-Guide good because the members on here help out a lot on the forum. On your smartphone download app called Triposo, it works same way too but without forum.



I use triposo on my first trip to Japan it help me out a lot. also with triposo it still works without internet.
it looks like their website is having problem but it works time to time. if you refresh the page a few time.
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Re: somewhat off topic 2017/1/2 22:50
Thank you so much Stan, Kay, and Glimpi!
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Re: somewhat off topic 2017/1/3 06:25
Try reddit - there's /r/travel to start, and I'm sure there's one specific for the US.
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