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where is kanagawa-ken 2005/3/29 08:59
Looking for the location of Hisagi Zushi-shi,kanagawa-ken. Is it in Kanto region? How far from Tokyo?
by SN  

... 2005/3/30 08:19
Yes, it is in the Kanto Region. One train hour south of central Tokyo. 30 train minutes south of Yokohama, which is the capital of Kanagawa-ken (Kanagawa Prefecture).
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Higashi-Zushi? 2005/3/30 10:29
Do you mean Higashi-Zushi? There is a JR station of this name in the city of Zushi. You can read about Zushi on the site below.
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Thanks 2005/3/31 02:54
Thanks Dave & Uji for the information I was looking.
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Originally from Zushi, Japan 2005/5/7 17:10
I went to school in Hisagi, Zushi. Yes, you do get off at Zushi JR train station. When you get off the train, Hisagi area is at the opposite side of where the shopping/bus/taxi area is.
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Higashi Zushi vs. Zushi 2005/5/7 17:13
Higashi Zushi and Zushi stations aren't the same thing.
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On Hisagi, Zushi 2008/9/19 17:46
Hisagi is in Zushi city. The nearest train station is JR Zushi. I think this is what you're asking about.

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