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Autograph, Joe Hisaishi, Hayao Miyazaki? 2017/1/14 07:38
I don't know how much working these fellow gentlemen are these days, not so recently retired Miyazaki-san for instance.

As I will be in Japan for a few weeks in spring, how much are the chances of seeing these guys? I meant, not like randomly on the street but do they do public appearances or concerts one might be able to humbly ask for an autograph?

Not for resale or something. Well, autograph might be a bit much to ask but to meet these persons and perhaps shake hands and share a few words would be a miracle. Well, I guess I am not alone about that really.
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Re: Autograph, Joe Hisaishi, Hayao Miyazaki? 2017/1/15 12:20
Joe Hisaishi
Under 0.00000001%

Hayao Miyazaki
Under 0.000000000000000001%
And he is NOT retired just no making plan own "long (run time)" movie titles as director.
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