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radio stream with news, music and reports? 2017/1/16 19:30

Could anyone recommend me a Japanese radio station, that has a live stream, and a mix of music, news and reports?

My vocabulary is quite limited, and a lot of websites of Japanese radio stations have no english version, which makes finding such a stream myself a bit difficult.

Thanks for any help. :)
by Isver  

Re: radio stream with news, music and reports? 2017/1/16 22:32
You already living in Japan? (if so which pref.?)

If Not, Watch "NHK world" first.

Also GiGA of worthful vids uploaded on YouTube.
(If not enough band speed use free online converter web fr video format/.MP4 or to smaller sound file format .MP3)
This official News channels on YouTube link.

If would like to read newspaper web download voice reader
with using Google tanslate or EN-JP dictionary book/web.

If would like to level up of pronunciation copy to below.
Just copy and click speaker icon.
(200 letters max/chage play speed and charactors woman or man)
Some News webs with sound streaming.
(Some counties may IP blocked like most JP TV station web)

This is "portal web" in Japan link.

For music Shotcast and some radio stations fresh songs uploaded.

Some local small(mini) FM stations in JP may listen at out of Japan.

If for online game chat or something, check weather news topics.
Most Japanese noticed weather conditons everyday.
Now already you know "winter" would like to eat hot meals, go to hot springs/onsen and more,
if livin' snow country noted falling and deps/temp info first.
if a woman winter dry air no good for skin,hair and make up condtions.
winter dry air also no good for health especially bad virus "influenza".
(Yonger calling shorter "inful" usual)
A lot of Japanese loves surgical mask reason is this.

This is real time trend words of Twitter.
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Re: radio stream with news, music and reports? 2017/1/16 22:42
Whats up Isver

Check out Shoutcast, they are online and have app. its really good online radio, You have to look for Japanese radio station and news. but its not real news, its like news by amateur
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Re: radio stream with news, music and reports? 2017/1/16 22:45
Thanks for the suggestions.

No, I'm not living in Japan. I just wanted to improve my feel for the language a bit by sometimes listen to japanese radio streams at work. That's why a mix of music and spoken content would be perfect.

I'll try out the suggestions. :)
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Re: radio stream with news, music and reports? 2017/1/17 17:49
checkout Tunein Radio.
It is a web, mobile apps that offer streaming of more than 100,000 broadcast radio, news and etc world wide.
just do search for Japan radio station and you will get tons to choose from.
I used it daily to listen to radio station from my home country.
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