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What is the of the Kintai Bridge? 2005/3/30 06:13
I have a postcard of the kintai bridge (Yamagachi Prefecture) that my dad brought back in 1946.he was billeted in Nigata (kure)and I was curious about the bridge
by PADDY  

Kintai Bridge 2005/3/30 17:47
Hi Paddy - Not sure what type of info your looking for. The bridge is still there, but it was rebuilt and restored after it was destroyed in a flood in the late 40's or early 50's. Its still a popular photo op for people traveling through the area.
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KINTAI BRIDGE 2005/4/11 12:27
This bridge was just recently (Aug 04) rebuilt. It is a major tourist attraction in the area. The rebuild was necessary due to the age and condition of the wooden bridge. It is very beautiful to look at during each of the four seasons both during the day and night when it is lit up.
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question 2005/4/22 05:45
i heard that the bridge was built without nails. is this true?
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Yes 2006/3/31 09:25
The original bridge was constructed without nails. I can't remember if it had nails in it when I was there from 97-98 but I know that the original was nailess.
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Kintai Bridge 2006/3/31 12:03

Picturesque Kintai Bridge is located over Nishiki river in Iwakuni city. Built in 1673, has been rebuilt twice since. 193.3 meters long (210 meters as measured following the curving surface of the bridge); 5 meters wide. One of the three most famous bridges in Japan. The tourist are allowed to walk across it and it's a pleasure to do that.

We visited there way back in June, 1999, it was very hot there.
As your post card may show the picture of the bridge, it consists of three connected arched wooden structured bridge ( that's what our picture shows) over nishiki river. It's a must see if you're in that area or happens to be in Hiroshima you will not be far from it. It's a beautiful bridge.
We were so uncomfortable with the climate (hot and humid) there that we may have not enjoyed the visit as we should have. Therefore, we would definitely visit Iwakuni again but not in the summer season.

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arch 2006/3/31 12:18
Sorry--- we think there are five arches on the bridge, not sure though.
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Kintai Kyo 2006/4/2 07:24
It has been 47 years since I last walked acrossed Kinyai kyo, but let me say this: It is so beautiful during Sakura, Cherry Blossom time, in the spring. There is not a year goes by that I do not dream of revisiting Yamaguchi ken Iwakuni shi, because when I left there, a part of me remained behind!
Dan in SC Ex-USMC
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wow! 2006/4/2 07:36
Dan, thanks for sharing your trip experience with us. Hanami over Kintai bridge!
I would like to see it during Hanami and also fireworks they said they have on Sat. of mid July over river near the bridge. (but again that would be in summer time.)
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Kintai-kyo Bridge 2007/3/12 19:38
How to go to Kintai-kyo Bridge from Iwakuni railways station?
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... 2007/3/13 08:48
The bridge is a 20 minute bus ride from Iwakuni Station.
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Kintai Bridge 2007/12/31 04:01
it is a bridge in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. it is an arch bridge with piers made of stone and arches made of wood
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Kintai/Iwakuni 2008/2/17 16:31
What is the name of the town between Iwakuni and Kintai Bridge? I remember riding bikes from the base to the bridge and going through this little area that seemed to have mostly wooden slat buildings. I remember it was real spooky at night!
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Kintai Bridge in 1954 2008/5/5 15:37
My father was in the US Navy and was stationed in Iwakuni in 1954. I was 6 years old then. We visited the bridge in 1954. We had flown from Manila in the phillipine Islands to Iwakuni when the typhoon that destroyed the bridge in 1953 was raging. We had to fly around the storm to land. We visited the brigde shortly after it was restored in 1954. My father took pictures of me and my sisters and my mother as we wlked in the river bed below the bridge. I remember crossing the bridge and all the hundreds of tiny steps to get across each arch. We children were all towheads with bright blonde hair. It was considered by the japanese people to be lucky to be photographed with blondes and we were very accommodating. I have very fond memories of this beautiful bridge and hope to build a model of it in the front yard of my home in Washington State.
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some recent answers 2008/11/13 22:31
From the station take the number 2 bus, was 480 Yen, round trip.
Yes, there are 5 arches, if you count the 2 lower and longer arches at each end.
There are certainly nails on the wood that you walk on, can't say about underneath, etc.. I believe the original construction was without nails.
The different colours on the trees at this time of year (November) are fantastic. Lovely sunny day, not too warm or humid at this time of year.
Hope this helps
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New question about bridge 2009/6/16 16:23
I have read that there is cormorant fishing under the bridge between June and August. Is this the case? When would be the best time of day to see this?
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