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Importing to Japan 2017/1/18 04:50
Hello everyone! I'm relatively new to these forums so even after reading the guidelines, if I do commit a community faux pas, please let me know and I apologize in advance for doing so :)

In a nutshell, I'm totally excited to travel outside my home country of Canada for the first time in over a decade and without parents to this wonderful country full of culture and entertainment! While I'm there for 12 days, I'm considering importing Korean books; might be outside my comfort zone with Japanese addresses and what-not.

So my question is, are there additional concerns and/or practices that I would have to consider in Japan compared to importing to Canada? And once I return, any procedures in importing it back to Canada?

Also, if anyone could please confirm the correctness of this address, that would be greatly appreciated!

Tokyo-to, Taito-ku, Asakusa X-XX-XX
[Optional name of building]

Thanks for the help!
by Kailunee  

Re: Importing to Japan 2017/1/20 01:10
Just so that I understand: while you sure in Japan you want to have books sent to you from Korea?
I have brought in books to Japan via the postal system for personal use, should be fine unless you are thinking of importing loads of books at the same time and set up a business, or so (you would need a different visa to do that)
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Re: Importing to Japan 2017/1/25 13:54
If you are only in Japan 12 days, why not have them sent to Canada (or do they not offer that shipping option)?
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Re: Importing to Japan 2017/1/25 18:49
So you are in Japan only for 12 days, and are thinking of importing from Korea to Japan while you are in Japan? I would say be careful with the shipment/delivery time between Korea to Japan. It would take at least a few/several days for air shipment to Japan, and if the seller in Korea happens to be temporarily out of stock or delayed in their shipment, you might not be able to pick up the merchandise while you are here.

About the address, if you are staying at a hotel or an apartment, be sure to write:
(Your name) c/o (hotel/apartment owner name) the beginning of the address.

The rest can be the way you wrote, or in alphabets we usually "reverse" the sequence, so it can be:
X-XX-XX Asakusa, Taito-ku,
Tokyo, 111-0031, Japan
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