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Gifts for Americans living in Japan? 2017/1/18 15:03
United States
In April I'm going to visit some American friends who are stationed at Yokosuka Naval base. What would be some good gifts to bring them from America?
They volunteered with kids at our church and I'm going to have the kids write letters to them and I'll bring a photo along too... but I'm looking for some American things that they either can't get or are hard to find there in Japan.
Thanks in advance
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Re: Gifts for Americans living in Japan? 2017/1/18 15:48
Actually, U.S. military bases are not Japan but they are U.S. territory. In other words, U.S. laws apply there instead of Japanese laws, and everything sold inside the bases are things you'd see in stores inside the U.S. as opposed to those in Japanese territory, because the merchandising route and laws are American.

So there's really nothing you cannot get there just because the item is American. But why not bring along something from your hometown as opposed to your home country? I'm sure there are things unique to your town that can be hard to obtain in Yokosuka or New York or L.A.
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Re: Gifts for Americans living in Japan? 2017/1/19 04:00
Why asking here?
Related Japan?
All/most Kids are Japanese?

The Base is NOT Japan as different "country"
protected by international law like Embassy/Consulate.
Made in U.S. products flood area.

You should learn some card/sponge ball/coin magics,juggling,puppets,cooking
or something trick play techs easiest way for kids fun.
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