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Kurokawa & Yufuin tattoo? 2017/1/21 02:13
Having a small tattoo on my upper arm, a bit concerned in possible visit Kurokawa onsen and/or Yufuin. Does anyone have any experience or heard what the onsen consider okay?

I know from before that tattoo is a bit of a taboo in Japan coming to onsen and public baths so I am just making sure.

In case I cannot enter onsen because of this, is it still worth going to a visit there?
by Kjo (guest)  

Re: Kurokawa & Yufuin tattoo? 2017/1/21 09:21
Most onsens do not allow people with tattoo into their shared bathing room, but you need to check the policy of each onsen as it can vary.

There are some onsens that allow you to reserve a private bathing room (usually for an hour) for yourself and your guests, in which case your tattoo is not an issue. Another option is to stay in a room that has its own onsen tub where nobody else can see you. If your tattoo is small enough, you may want to consider just covering it with a large bandage.

Kurokawa is all about onsen (there is not much else), so it is not worth going if not for onsen. Yufuin is a bit larger onsen town and there are interesting shops, galleries, restaurants, trails, etc. you can explore if onsen is not your main objective.
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Re: Kurokawa & Yufuin tattoo? 2017/1/22 16:40
With the rapid increase of foreign tourists coming to Japan, there is awareness about trying to accept tattoos.

As the other poster suggested, be honest and ask some facilities in advance. Otherwise, here is a list of onsen and beaches throughout Japan where people have had experience being accepted their tattoos. I'm afraid it's in Japanese language, but I hope it helps.
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Re: Kurokawa & Yufuin tattoo? 2017/1/25 22:08
I'd recommend this ryokan in Yufuin, our room had two fantastic outdoor onsens and the public bath was probably not used by most guests at all.
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Re: Kurokawa & Yufuin tattoo? 2017/1/31 03:25
We stay often at Yawaraginosato Yadoya ryokan in Yufuin because it has three Kashikiri time reserved private roten outdoor baths and affordably priced. Dinner is optional, too and there are restaurants around. BF is included. Tattoo is non issue and all to yourselves once the door is closed.
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