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Lending Ski Equipement 2017/1/21 21:35
Hello there,

I just wanted to know from you guys who already have been to a ski-resort before: Do the costs for lending for example ski equipement also apply daily or are they a one-time payment you make at the beginning and then never again?
by Denis Willm (guest)  

Re: Lending Ski Equipement 2017/1/22 16:42
I don't quite understand your question, but does this example help?
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Re: Lending Ski Equipement 2017/1/23 22:47
Rental of ski equipment is computed on a daily basis. Most ski rental shops have package deals and you may select items you need for the number of days you require. For example, you may pay 4000yen for a full set of gear for 1 day or 7500yen for 2 days and so on. Best to check at the location you are heading to.
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