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Good source for buying sheet music in Tokyo? 2017/1/23 05:24
Hi. I live in the USA but have been lucky enough to visit Japan about once a year for the past few years. On my next trip to Japan (July) I would like to shop for some sheet music while I'm in Tokyo (I am looking for musical arrangements of songs from the Studio Ghibli films, which of course I know are very popular, and other Japanese music). I can find some of what I'm looking for online via amazon.com but the selection is limited and prices seem crazy to me.

I am guessing that in Tokyo there will be shops with a wide selection of printed sheet music, maybe at more reasonable prices. On my last visit to Japan (last year), I went shopping for musical instruments in Tokyo and found that was great, wonderful selection, great prices, of course good service (the Ochanomizu neighborhood was amazing!). I am hoping to have a similar experience shopping for sheet music.

Can anyone suggest good places for sheet music in Tokyo?

Thank you!
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Re: Good source for buying sheet music in Tokyo? 2017/1/23 23:32
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