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Honeymooning during Golden Week 2017/1/24 09:23
My husband-to-be and I will be traveling through Japan this spring for our honeymoon--it will be his first time; my second.

I have tried to plan a good mix of cities/paces with a healthy blend of activities and sights to see (though to be honest, we're always focused on eating and drinking our way through the countries we visit... no shame). I'm looking for general advice about our itinerary, but am specifically concerned about how we are planning our time around Golden Week. I'm also wondering if it is necessary/advisable to purchase a Green Rail Pass due to the holidays. Here's what we have planned as of now:

April 26 arrive Tokyo
April 27-29 Tokyo
April 30 Kamakura
May 1-2 Kanazawa
May 3 Shirakawa-go
May 4-7 Kyoto (side trip to Nara)
May 8 Koya-san
May 9-10 Osaka
May 11-12 Hiroshima (side trip to Miyajima)
May 13-16 Tokyo
May 17 dep. Tokyo

Thanks in advance for any advice you might have for us! :)
by alphabetsoop  

Re: Honeymooning during Golden Week 2017/1/24 15:11
If Kamakura is a day trip from Tokyo, no problem as the shinkansen ride to Kanazawa will have its turn in Tokyo. I am not sure what are your other itinerary in Kanazawa but as mentioned here as often, the peak of Golden Week is on May 3 (same as published here) then for the return on May 6 and 7 as people go back to the center.

If Shirakawago is a day trip only from Kanazawa, note that you can brave on to Kyoto on 5.3. If not, then take the earliest thunderbird on 5.4 and you will arrive in Kyoto no matter what. Bus trip to Shirakawago is not part of JR Pass.

Further on 5.7, swift your way from Kyoto as you tour Nara then have a base in Osaka at night (Namba, Shin-Imamiya or Tennoji) so that you can access Koyasan the next day. Note that access in Koyasan is not included in JR Pass.

Perhaps prior going to Hiroshima from Osaka or as you traverse from Hiroshima to Tokyo, you can have a side trip in Himeji or Kobe or Okayama. Depends on your pace.

You can even fly back from Hiroshima to Tokyo if you want to, as many advise here.
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