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Hiroshima to Oita 2017/1/24 15:44
Any ideas of the cheapest way to get to Oita (Kunisaki) from Hiroshima? My friend and I are planning a trip next summer and as college students have a limited amount on money. Is there a ferry? Or a bus? Flight? Any info, eve if it is in Japanese would be great!
by Robin (guest)  

Re: Hiroshima to Oita 2017/1/25 11:08
by Firas rate this post as useful

Re: Hiroshima to Oita 2017/1/25 11:20
Asker here! Near Oita airport most likely Kitsuki. Mostly I'm just wondering if it is possible to get from Honshu to Kyushu without taking the shinkansen, which is quite pricey. Hiroshima is my start point and the Kitsuki area is my end goal where i plan to spend a couple of days before I move south.
by Robin (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Hiroshima to Oita 2017/1/25 11:30
It is always possible to go from anywhere to anywhere without the Shinkansen, given enough time. For starters, the Seishun 18 will get you to any JR station in Oita prefecture in about nine hours for a couple thousand yen, and is very probably the cheapest option for that.
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Re: Hiroshima to Oita 2017/1/25 18:33
Highway bus would probably be the cheapest via Kokura or Fukuoka. Not sure on convenience though.

Train would be quickest at about 3 hours. But yes more dollars.
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Re: Hiroshima to Oita 2017/1/25 18:42
Highway bus would be the cheapest if it weren't for the Seishun 18...
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