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Buy two 7-day passes to cover me for 14 days? 2017/1/24 16:09
I am visiting Japan for 14 days and intend to mostly travel in the Chugoku region. I am planning to buy a JR Sanyo Sanin Area Pass (7-days). Is it possible to buy two passes and use one for 7 days and then the next for the next 7 days?
by Juli (guest)  

Re: Buy two 7-day passes to cover me for 14 days? 2017/1/25 11:55
On the JR-West web site, I don't see any restriction regarding how many Sanyo-San'in passes one may purchase. Some passes have such restriction.

I bought two JR Passes (3-wk and 1-wk), and when I went to exchange the voucher for pass, one lady thought that was not allowed, but the second lady knew better. Yes, you are allowed to buy multiple nation wide JR Passes, and I think the same goes for Sanyo-San'in Pass.
by Mei (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Buy two 7-day passes to cover me for 14 days? 2017/1/25 12:15
As it states on:
You can only buy the pass in Japan once. But from outside Japan there is no such restriction. So you can buy 2 before arriving in Japan, or one before and one after you're in Japan (if you prefer, for some reason).

The only other restriction is that if you are going to use 2, the period of usage must not overlap.
by Ken (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Buy two 7-day passes to cover me for 14 days? 2017/1/25 12:16
Japan Guide has explained that JR Sanyo Sanin Area Pass is limited for one person per stay when bought inside Japan and there is no such limit otherwise

On the side note, JR Kyushu has explicitly indicated in their website that you can buy more than 1 pass. In jrpass forum many are buying more than 1 nationwide JR Pass and Japan Guide forumers here has discussed buying more than 1 nationwide JR Pass in one way or another. Whether buying the regional or nationwide JR pass, the technique is that the valid periods must not overlap and the user is the same person.
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Re: Buy two 7-day passes to cover me for 14 days? 2017/1/25 14:02
Is it absolutly necessary for you to have a pass EVERY day? On way first day, are you planning more than just getting to your hotel?

You might be better off if you get a 5 day pass, that costs a little less. Maybe you plan to go to Shikoku for a bit of your journey, because you are planning to bike the Shimanami Kaido. You might want the JR Setouchi area pass instead.

Look into all of the other 5 day passes. There may be something that you could use, that is not covered by the JR Sanyo Sanin area pass.

I want to assure you, that being in Japan without a active JR pass will not traumatize you, or even lead to cancer.
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Re: Buy two 7-day passes to cover me for 14 days? 2017/1/25 15:14
Thank you everyone for your responses! I may or may not but two identical passes, depending on my travel plans - but I wanted to figure out what was possible. Thanks again :D
by Juli (guest) rate this post as useful

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