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Japan for herpetology lovers? 2017/1/26 12:07
So I'm planning a trip back to Japan in the near future and plan to look for some reptiles and amphibians. Anyone have any recommendations of places I should go? I prefer less touristy places, more out of the way and hands on.

I've done some research into snake species that are better left undisturbed (AKA venomous), but would love some more info. The ones I found, like the Habu and Mamushi, seem to be what I, as an avid snake lover from the Northern US would call obviously venomous; meaning diamond shaped head, slit eyes. I also found reference to a colubrid family grass snake (Genus: Rhabdophis ) that is rear fanged, but are there any others?
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Re: Japan for herpetology lovers? 2017/1/27 10:54
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Re: Japan for herpetology lovers? 2017/1/28 14:39
Ogasawara Islands are great place to visit.
Ogasawara is a part of Tokyo but it takes 24 hrs from inner Tokyo by ferry to visit. The ferry comes 2-3 times a week during on season, once a week during off season.
You can not catch any animals/insects there for environment protection.
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Re: Japan for herpetology lovers? 2017/1/29 18:51
Iwakuni is famous for its white snakes. But the museum/snake zoo (?) is built for kids and can seem a bit boring for adults. Cheap, though!
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Re: Japan for herpetology lovers? 2017/1/30 14:45
Okinawa has lots of Habu(Protobothrops flavoviridis).
http://snakedatabase.org/species/Protobothrops/ flavoviridis
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