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gift wrapping tissue paper 2017/1/26 16:29
Do they sell tissue paper (the kind of thin paper used for wrapping as a layer on gifts and for using for craft purposes) anywhere in Japan? I found a little bit of printed tissue paper at Daiso but they only had one with a design printed on it but I would like to get some solid colored pieces or some solid white pieces to make crafts with but when I go to search rakuten with ティッシュペーパー or anything like that it gives me results for the tissue paper used for blowing a nose not the kind used for gifts and crafts. Maybe there is a different word in Japanese for this that I don`t know of? Or maybe they just don`t sell it in Japan other than the 2 printed design ones at Daiso?
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Re: gift wrapping tissue paper 2017/1/26 17:40
If you say ティッシューペーパー, yes, you would easily get the nose-blowing type only.

If you want some thin, soft paper that is used for gift wrapping, you could try 薄紙 ("usu-gami" thin paper) ラッピング ("wrapping" - often used to refer to gift wrapping).

For example, I found this one (among others) using the two words I mentioned above on Rakuten online mall:
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Re: gift wrapping tissue paper 2017/1/26 17:41
Is your native language French? The English word "tissue", which was imported into Japanese, is a "faux ami" and not the same as the French word "tissu". Try again.
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Re: gift wrapping tissue paper 2017/1/26 18:17
As it shows on the Rakuten link, it's not "usu-gami" but it's called 薄葉紙 read as "usu-yo-u-shi".

Nowadays, you can't get anything unless you go on-line, but you may be able to find some at large stationary stores by asking for usu-yo-u-shi. Or at least they may be able to show you a catalog for you to order through the store.

By the way, they call it "tissue paper" in the U.S. too. When I first started living there as an elementary school student, I was taken aback at art class......

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Re: gift wrapping tissue paper 2017/1/27 18:47
Thank you both ....... and Uco, I put in both 薄紙 "usu-gami" and 薄葉紙 "usu-yo-u-shi" and both gave me some results of paper I was looking for, some were expensive but I manage to find some that were reasonably priced and come in solid colors. Also if I happen to go into a craft store I'll ask those terms just to see if I can also get them in person, thank you!
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