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For those who live & speak Japanese 2017/1/27 16:57
I am currently in Tokyo with my kid and today as of 26th Jan 2017, I was surprised that a reporter in Japan inteviewed my son because he was wearing a cute Pokemon backpack bag. Unfortunately, because we got too excited and forgot to ask the info afterward for when it will be aired afterwards and what program it is called.

I would love to know what program but I know it is from:
d/Ѓer/TV Asahi Corporation

I tried to find the email address so I can email them but unfortunately, in the website/Facebook, they ONLY have the address and phone number. I do not know Japanese at all

Therefore, I am wondering if someone who lives in Japan/speaks Japanese is kind enough to ring the TV station and ask what program is called and when the program will be aired? I only know the following information

- We were interviewed inside an outlet in a town called Karuizawa (jV) at around 1pm and was a man

This is their following info:

Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 106-8001
Phone +81 3-6406-5555

Thats all I know of. I just need to know what program it is called and when it will be aired that we were interviewed with my son!

Anyone who could help me out will be very very much appreciated!!!

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Re: For those who live & speak Japanese 2017/1/27 20:49
I was interviewed for the local Hiroshima Fuji affiliate the day it was announced President Obama was to visit the city. It aired the very next morning.

You probably missed your 10 seconds of fame already. It is unfortunate.
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Re: For those who live & speak Japanese 2017/1/27 21:28
The interview may or may not be on air. It depends on the TV station decision.
If I(or you ) call TV Asahi, they will say "it's unsure", "no t a 100% guaranteed", "unable to tell you which TV program to be shown".
There are hundreds international visitors interviewed by TV stations but the most of their interviews are not on air.
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Re: For those who live & speak Japanese 2017/1/27 21:31
Use contact form.
(Use Google translate)

"Karuizawa" kanji is not jV (this is chinese one) y is.,_Nagano
But no need Japanese.
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