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Proposal options for Nara? 2017/1/28 17:30

I've been lurking and reading a lot on these forums recently and finally ready to speak.

My partner and I are going to Japan for the first time this coming spring, and since a long while back, I knew this will be where I planned to propose to her :D

The first week in April we will be in Kyoto and Nara. My research before indicated Nara would be preferable, as I read about Mount Yoshino and the many thousands of cherry blossom trees. Also, I feel Kyoto would be a lot harder to find a slightly more quiet spot, as too many crowds would make me even more nervous I suspect! I think it would be fun if there were some onlookers, but dozens would be too many for me I think.. (and making it harder for any decent photographer if I find one).

So we are booked into a fancy ryokan by Nara Park for one day.
For anyone who knows Nara, would any of these options be unsuitable or more preferable as a beautiful, pleasant, peaceful place for a proposal? Cherry Blossoms aren't critical as I understand that the timing is variable. Yoshino, Nara Park or Ryokan.

1)Somewhere up Mount Yoshino.. I saw some photos with many crowds though, and not sure if there is a beaten path to walk off of, and how far one might have to go to find a spot. Also, I have no idea how strenuous the climb might be and if she'd be exhausted after long as she isn't keen on heavy walking. But I kind of imagined a pre-propsal picnic somewhere..

2) Somewhere in Nara Park. I found a really useful thread from a year ago on a similar theme, and in a similar place, and it mentioned Kasuga-taisha in Nara Park. The park looks big but there probably won't be any time to scout out certain locations, so it might just be a situation of asking when the moment and place looks right.. Expecting people but hopefully manageable..

3)Inside the ryokan itself. . Probably during or after dinner. It has a small private garden so any other onlookers would be minimal. But am worried it might be too late and I like the idea of a bright and cheerful surroundings, and to more likely capture any beautiful trees nearby. Also the same thread mentioned that there can be quite a strict timetable in ryokans, and am wondering if there would be any time to have a meaningful conversation prior.. Plus someone luking with a big camera nearby would draw too much attention to themselves, if were even possible for them to be there in the first place.

I could still consider dropping Nara and stay in Kyoto but accommodation would be a problem this late in the day. It was when I was last looking a few months ago.

Sorry for the long post!

I would really appreciate any suggestions or comments! Thanks so much.


by tubularCubes  

Re: Proposal options for Nara? 2017/1/29 12:10
I would recommend Wakakusayama mountain.
You can enjoy nice view of Nara city from there.
Night is preferable if possible. You may take a taxi to go to the parking lot located at the summit.

by Hirohiroboy rate this post as useful

Re: Proposal options for Nara? 2017/1/29 18:13
Thank you Hirohiroboy, if it's somewhere where it might not be so crowded then it's certainly an option.
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