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Tea ceremony in Aizu 2017/1/30 06:48
Ifve read about doing a tea ceremony in Aizu:

The thing is, Ifve only seen it mentioned on this page and canft seem to find anyone else who has written about it. I donft speak Japanese, I donft know if that will be a problem or not, and Ifm not travelling with anyone. I would like to do the tea ceremony, but do you think this would be the best place / conditions to do so?

Unfortunately this is the only place Ifve found that offers it in the places Ifm going to. If anyone knows of any other place (Matsushima, Hiraizumi, Sendai, Sakata, Dewa Sanzan, Yamagata and a few smaller nearby places) then I would love to hear about them to be able to compare and choose.
Thank you very much.
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Re: Tea ceremony in Aizu 2017/2/1 06:24
Given they have a pretty extensive page in English, you're probably not going to find a better place in terms of catering to foreigners. While not being able to speak Japanese might be a minor impediment, I wouldn't let that stop you. Print out the detailed instructions they give you as a crib sheet, and just follow the lead of others.
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