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Buying Gamba Osaka Tickets 2017/2/1 00:37
I'm going to Osaka this 5/2 and i wanna go to the stadoum and watch the asian champions league qualifier. How can i buy the tickets? Should i buy it at the stadium on the matchday or before that?
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Re: Buying Gamba Osaka Tickets 2017/2/6 03:18
2/5 means yesterday 5 Feb? (in Japan date writting "Y/M/D" using)

If so, you can purchase at nearest convenience store LAWSON or Family mart.
A lot of numbers tickets still left now.
Input Lコード(L-code) ticket machine "Loppi" of LAWSON
or input Pコード(P-code) ticket machine "Fami port/Fami ポート" of Family mart.
"P" means "ticket Pia/チケットぴあ" very famous ticket sales company
for entertainment,sports and more major events of nation wide.

Both ticketing machineshave No EN menu button but no so difficult.
If not in busy time store staff help you showing above ticket "code" best.

自由席/jiyuu-seki is Non-reserved seat area
指定席/sitei-seki is Reserved seat area (a lot of class)
ビジター is "visitor(same sound)" team suppotors/fans seat area seat.
See the seat map.

Many Japanese still using "soccor/サッカー" than "football" as usual word.
Most Japanese know "football" is what as sport.
Ticket is also same sound "チケット" or 入場券/nyuujou-ken no worry.
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