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SIM card for calling only 2017/2/1 09:04
Been browsing a few SIM card for rental threads in Japan but everyone seem so hyped about having data included etc.

Are there any SIM card just for calling? I will only by relying on Wifi, not bothering with Data...
by Momo (guest)  

Re: SIM card for calling only 2017/2/1 20:32
I will only by relying on Wifi...

Good luck with that. The open wifi coverage in Japan isn't great. You *can* get a voice (&data) sim (eg: http://trulytokyo.com/prepaid-sim-card-japan/) but since you're going to find public open wifi an issue, in all honesty my advice is get a data sim and use VoIP apps such as Line or Skype for making calls if you need to. Or rent a pocket wifi router and do the same.
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Re: SIM card for calling only 2017/2/1 21:24
Well the guide at Japan Guide mentions Free wifi coverage and it seems pretty good to me. I don't know what you think of when referring to coverage though....
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Re: SIM card for calling only 2017/2/4 02:35
Definitely, grab the mifi. I thought that wifi would be all over Japan (misguided I know) but I actually found it a real struggle. Where it was available, it was pretty slow.
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Re: SIM card for calling only 2017/2/4 05:07
Wifi is everywhere, but you have to be standing on the spot, and most are pretty weak, so I would advice using a data sim, I always get a data sim from my home country to use in Japan, and it roams onto softbank, I use it everytime and it's cheap and last for the duration of 5-7 days depending on which one I get.

You can check whats avaiable in your country or check online, there are plenty, or reserve one and pickup at the airport.
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Re: SIM card for calling only 2017/2/8 16:33
I just did 2 weeks relying mostly on free-wifi and found the coverage to be mediocre, and that was in Tokyo which has some of the densest free wifi coverage in the country.

It is usable if you don't mind being restricted to specific fixed spots like the train stations, but it is very difficult to use on the fly. So it might work for people who tend to pre-plan their day and then only need to check-in here and there, but I wouldn't really recommend it to people who need to look up directions while en route.

Btw, it's not so much that people hype the data-sims, it's just that data sims are cheaper and more readily available than voice-only sims in Japan. Plus with the right apps you can get voice-calling ability, so they've really supplanted the need for voice-sims altogether in most cases. So for most people the choice becomes getting a data-sim to cover your mobile calling/data needs or getting nothing at all and relying completely on free wifi.
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