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Repair Phone Shop in Tokyo 2017/2/1 20:04
Hi i'm Aqma and i'm going to Tokyo this March. Currently i have a problem with my phone. I cannot charging my phone, fyi i already replace the charging port but after 1 day repair i cannot charging my phone again. I do hope any of you can give me the shop name & address around tokyo. i really want my phone back to normal.

My phone model is Asus Zen 2.
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Re: Repair Phone Shop in Tokyo 2017/2/2 17:06
The Asus Services Centers in Japan are found via this link: http://www.asus.com/support/Service-Center/Japan

BIC CAMERA offers repairs but that probably means it is sent away; you might have more luck trying to get it repaired at your current location.
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Re: Repair Phone Shop in Tokyo 2017/2/4 06:48
I was in Takasaki and there we a few small shops that did repairs at good prices. I don't know about Tokyo but I'm sure they will be there too.

Probably be a good idea to ask when you arrive, at the hotel or whoever you are staying with. The best value places are probably the hidden gems that only a local would know.
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