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Can i buy multiple omamori? 2017/2/2 05:33
I've been making some research about japanese omamori (good luck charms) since i'm interested in them. I'm going to Japan soon and i want to know stuff before buying them.

Is it possible to buy multiple omamoris in general (for one person)? I've found some vague info about it being ok, only warning was to not buy/wear charms from shintoism and buddhism temples together.
So is it ok to buy and wear multiple omamori say from shinto shrine only? Does it have to be the same shrine or can i have chars from different places? Or should i not buy multiple charms at all?

I'll be very thankful for some clarification on this matter as well as other "tips", and do/don'ts concerning omamori.
by Ghosterest (guest)  

Re: Can i buy multiple omamori? 2017/2/2 09:43
You can buy and wear (or carry) as many as you wish. You can even buy some for your friends and families. Some may question your motive for carrying multiple omamoris, but there is no law against it.
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