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Excess waivers with car rentals 2017/2/3 04:11
Hi guys,

Does anyone know of any company or had any experience with getting standalone policies for excess reimbursement insurance with car rentals?

I know that was a really long wordy sentence, but I rent cars when travelling around Japan (once every few months or so?), and I'm a sucker for getting the insurance offered by rental companies every time. However, they're stupidly expensive.

In Europe, there are insurers who offer policies where you're covered against the excess (or deductibles) and any related costs in the event of an accident. I was wondering if they might have something similar in Japan to what they have back in Europe?

It's a really long shot, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys.
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Re: Excess waivers with car rentals 2017/2/3 20:05
During my visit to japan, a few years back and my next visit I choose Nissan rental, they have a almost full coverage package, whiles other have either one or two of them only, some third party company offer the same package with a slight increase in price (a little profit on top).

I always wanted to try toyota, but they only recently have a online booking in english, but it's not full coverage, most important is the NOC which nissan will provide.
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Re: Excess waivers with car rentals 2017/2/4 17:25
Regular travel insurance should cover the excess. But you need to consult the policy first. Not all levels do full coverage.
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