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Satsuma peninsula daytrip 2017/2/5 03:41
On my final day in Kagoshima I thought of renting a car for the day and exploring the Satsuma peninsula. Actually I have already been to Ibusuki and the big lake ( forgot the name). What is Makurazaki arealike? Is it worth a visit? Seems a lot quicker going there by car than train as well.

Or the Izumi or Sendai area, is it something to see? Or the coast west of Kagoshima.
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Re: Satsuma peninsula daytrip 2017/2/5 11:54
Where is your starting and returning points? Kagoshima city?
What are your interests? Driving itself ? landscape in general? sea? mountains? history?

Makurazaki is a middle sized fishing port, and there is nothing but the port (oh, I forgot to mention the fish market center, but not so intersting). The city itself is not very picturesque. If you go in this area, you should not miss driving along the coast of Bo-no-tsu.

And if you go northwards to Izumi, you can visit crane migration grounds (which are really the rice fields waiting for the planting season).

Speaking generally, as Satsuma Peninsula areas are depopulated everywhere, but as the roads are well maintained, driving itself is therefore easy and safe. The problem is that these destinations are far, and if you don't have in mind any other places to visit on the route, you simply drive and drive all the way.

If you should be obliged to drive a lonf way, why don't you drive to Kirishima area?

I am a resident in Kagoshima city, and I love driving, so I know not only the southern Kyusyu but all the Kyusyu island, completely.
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Re: Satsuma peninsula daytrip 2017/2/6 14:11
I happened to see a suggested driving itinerary on JAL's website.
It should be a practical route to explore the peninsula.
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