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Reliable earthquake app 2017/2/5 21:42
I was browsing GOogle play for Android apps useful for recent earthquake or other emergency info.

Since using push cost money and data, maybe it can be made checking by Wifi now and then for push data. Not sure how it works.

I know Yurekake call (spelling) app, but there are a dozen more apps, some with lots of ads (no good), some english, some japanese. Too much to have them all on the phone...
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Re: Reliable earthquake app 2017/2/7 09:12
On the iPhone I can deny apps access to data so they can only use wifi. I would hope that is something that is possible on Android.
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Re: Reliable earthquake app 2017/2/7 09:25
What's the point of having an earthquake warning app that would work just "every now and then"?
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Re: Reliable earthquake app 2017/2/8 16:05
The purpose of earthquake apps is to give advance notice (typically measured in seconds) of an impending earthquake. They are useless for this purpose without an always-on connection.

If you are looking for disaster/emergency info after the fact then you can usually best find that on the internet while on wifi. Yahoo japan news had pretty good info after the 3-11 earthquake, so I'd probably try that first.
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Re: Reliable earthquake app 2017/2/9 15:51
I found the free Earthquake Monitor Ex app for Android very good.
If the earthquake epicentre is a bit away from you, you will have seconds warning, if you're very close to the epicentre you will notice the quake before the app starts beeping. You have to be connected to receive these warnings. We had rented a pocket WiFi or were connected to the WiFi of the AirBnb places or hotels.

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Re: Reliable earthquake app 2017/2/14 19:43
The only reliable system in case of earthquake is ETWS Alerts, if your phone supports it. It's a message sent directly from cell towers (not internet).
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