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luggage delivery 2017/2/8 01:49
I am planning a trip on August 2017.
I will have to use luggage delivery services/ I read many forum conversations about is but I still have 2 questions:
1. During the trip there will be hotels change (sometimes) after 1 night. It means I will have to send in the morning and receive the same day . Is this possible?
2. How can I check if the hotels I want to order have the service?
by AVIGDOR SHAPIRA (guest)  

Re: luggage delivery 2017/2/8 09:00
While I cannot answer question 2, I know the answer to #1 is "no". What I have done in the past is to send it to the second hotel on my list. I did Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Nagasaki, Fukuoka each for one day before getting to Hiroshima for four days. The morning I headed to Kumamoto after the night in Kagoshima, I sent my luggage to Nagasaki. I just took a day's worth of clothes with me to Kumamoto. When I arrived in Nagasaki, my luggage was waiting for me. I did laundry and the next morning, I sent the luggage to Hiroshima while I spent the day and night in Fukuoka.

If you have multiple hotels/cities, sending you luggage to the following hotel is not a bad option.
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