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Takamatsu, help with ideas 2017/2/14 10:07
Hi all:
I will bring kids to Takamatsu for a visit during summer vacation. We will have a total of 3 nights there. We will have family of 7 (grandparent, us, and kids)
I know there is the garden, the aquarium, castle.
I originally wanted to bring the kids to experience walking the pilgrimage and visit a smaller city vs. tokyo and kyoto (We will visit on this trip as well).
So far, I have one day doing sanuki noodle workshop. Then, some time spent on walking between temples there.

Q: Is there time to travel by train to visit Naruto Whirlpool? and is it easy to do?
Q: Is there local tour that we can find to go farther places?
Q: Of the time we have, would you recommend travel by train to other places on the island?
Q: We will be staying near the train station. Can you recommend some inexpensive family friendly restaurants? Are there 回転寿司 around? I thought kids will love that.

ps. I tend to get sea sick. Probably stick to firm ground. :)
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Re: Takamatsu, help with ideas 2017/2/14 20:03
It's about 2 hours by train to Naruto, so you could do it but it's going to be a most-of-the-day affair. I'm not sure it'd be worth the time, but it shouldn't be hard to do if you want to go. The best viewing experience is going to be on a tour boat though... ;-) Also, if you go, look up the tides and expected peak action of the whirlpool and time accordingly.

Just go to Takamatsu on Google Maps and search for 回転寿司. Ditto ファミリーレストラン. I don't know if you'll find one right by where you're staying, but you should find some within easy reach of public transport.
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Re: Takamatsu, help with ideas 2017/2/15 01:06
I recommend Shikoku Mura ( and also, if you're interested in art, the nearby Noguchi Memorial garden in Mure.

Otherwise, not far from Takamatsu is Kotohira, where you can go to the Kompirasan Shrine.
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Re: Takamatsu, help with ideas 2017/2/15 17:55
The neighboring islands, especially Ogijima. A fun day for everyone, kids and adults alike.
You're not going to get seasick riding a ferry on the Seto Inland Sea on a normal day. It's quieter than many lakes, and riding a ferry there doesn't feel any different from riding a train or a bus.
Seriously, the islands are the thing not to be missed.

Skip the aquarium, it's not worth it (actually it's going to close soon, maybe it'll be closed by this summer).

A couple of temples are a good idea (Negoro-ji, Yashima-ji and Yakuri-ji are great. Zentsu-ji is a short train ride away)

Naruto is not a good idea. Two hours to go there, and you need to get there on time for the whirlpools (they're not all the time). Don't get me wrong, they're interesting if you're already there, but spending the day just for them, not so much).

Cheap restaurants are plenty in town, although maybe not so much near Takamatsu Station. Still, udon restaurants are everywhere. In the Maritime Plaza shopping mall (part of the Symbol Tower complex), you'll find a few more cheap restaurants (mostly ramen, but not only, also Chinese, fish, chicken).

Someone recommended Shikoku Mura, I second that.
Noguchi museum with kids? Not too sure.
Konpira-san is also worth a visit (if the older people in your group are fine with climbing lots of stairs).

If you have any more specific question, do not hesitate to ask.
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Re: Takamatsu, help with ideas 2017/2/16 08:49
Amazing how no one has mentioned Ritsurin - it is one of the finest gardens in all Japan.
Kotohira is also a great idea - yes, tons of stairs, but if you are willing to pay, there are men who will carry you up them.
The islands just off the coast are worth seeing too, although they are very time consuming to get to and back. You also might like to see Yashima - it is a very nice temple with a great view; not far from Shikoku-mura if you're going there.
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Re: Takamatsu, help with ideas 2017/2/16 08:57
I know there is the garden
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Re: Takamatsu, help with ideas 2017/2/17 02:01
Thank you so much!
I am going to copy down everything.
Thank you for the whirlpool information.. I thought it is always there.. so maybe not.
I will look into the other island, if the ride is like on a lake.. maybe~
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