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Lost and found is Namba Station 2017/2/15 12:43
on 12 Feb i dropped my phone on the train at Namba stn.
And i already contact the station already.
So they find my phone already since that day, i have all the details and no. Of my lost item.
But sadly i back to bangkok already and i do have a friend in japan. Any possible way they can ship my belonging to my friend address ?
I have all the proove to sens to my friend to provide to the police
by Kittipod Raemwanith (guest)  

Re: Lost and found is Namba Station 2017/2/15 13:25
Call to Embassy of Japan in Thailand.
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Re: Lost and found is Namba Station 2017/2/15 19:17
You might want to ask your friend in Japan to call them to ask what they need to collect the phone on your behalf.

Following is my experience of dealing with a railway company's Lost & Found service (though in another city). I cannot guarantee that this will be the same with the one in Namba, that is why I recommend your friend calling to ask about details.

1) The station/train authorities prefer you (the person who lost it) coming over to collect it yourself.

2) But if you cannot go yourself, you can ask your friend in Japan to collect it on your behalf.
You write a "power of attorney" letter with your name, address, signature, etc., stating that you "authorize this person (your friend) to collect my lost item from Namba station on my behalf," with the details of your friend in Japan, preferably in Japanese, and your friend in Japan can go and collect it with that letter, upon showing their personal ID that shows that they are the person who you authorized.

3) If your friend in Japan cannot go in person, they might be able to snail mail/fax the letter to the station authority asking them to ship it over to them. There may be a fee involved.

When I helped someone with a similar situation, I found out that 3) was possible with that railway I was talking to.
But I was not far from the Lost & Found center, so I have done 2) for someone who lost their phone in Japan, collected the phone, and got the phone back to the person back in their home country. Best wishes.
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Re: Lost and found is Namba Station 2017/2/19 16:00
So the best ways are hand down to i must come to get it by myself right ?
Planning to go there again in April.
The duration for lost item keep do you guy know how long the police will keep ?

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