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Hiroshi Hiraoka Photos & Japanese Biography 2017/2/16 02:10
I am researching two photos of Hiroshi Hiraoka from his time in America. These were given by Hiroshi to a family he was staying with in 1871 and 1874. These two photos show him at age 14 1/2 in native Japanese dress and at age 17 1/2 in a western suit.

I have only been able to find two other photos of him online on several sites - one as a boy and one as a elderly man. I am interested in finding the original source of him as a boy as this photo would have been taken between the two photos I have.

This Japanese language biography shows what the original image looked like. Its a Carte De Viste image consisting of a photo image mounted to a thicker paper board. These were essentially 1870s business cards.

Does anyone have a copy of this book? If so, I wanting to know if the book publisher discloses what is source of the original image on the cover is as I'd like to contact the owner or museum that has it as it will help to reconstruct a timeline of Hiroshi's events in America.


I tried contacting the publisher but they did not answer.
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Re: Hiroshi Hiraoka Photos & Japanese Biography 2017/2/16 17:13
I'm not sure if I understand your question correctly, but are you saying that you asked Shogakukan to look at the final pages of the book to tell you what the source of the photos are? If so, I don't think that publishers easily give out information of what's written on their books that are/were being sold for a price.

Meanwhile, if that is your question, have you tried borrowing the book from a library? In Japan, you can borrow foreign books at local libraries, so I'm sure your country provides similar service.

By the way, if you live in Japan, you can buy the book for only 92 yen. The following link is also for your reference.
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Re: Hiroshi Hiraoka Photos & Japanese Biography 2017/2/19 18:30
I borrowed the book, and it has 4 pages listing references, but you can't tell which photos are from which reference.
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