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Traveling to Yufu 2017/2/26 10:58
Hi .. this is the first time I am going to Fukuoka and Yufu( first 3 days) for 8 days and is during the Golden week of Japan, arrival at 8.35am (Japan time)

kindly advise on the question below

1) What is the different between Yufu and Yufuin ?
2) As I will need to travel to yunohira station (local train) can I have the timetable?
3) I understand that I will need to travel from Fukuoka kuko to hakata train station to take a train again , is yufuin no Mori or normal JR train at the same station that I am getting off from airport ?
4 ) Due to the yufuin no Mori office only open at 10am so I believe that I am unable to take the yufuin no Mori .. if I just buy a ticket and go ahead without a reserve seat .. will I still get a seat that is under non reserve ?
5) If I will to take a bus from airport where do I need to get off in order to travel to Yunohira station .. ? Walking ? What are the distance?

Looking forward for your reply.

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Re: Traveling to Yufu 2017/2/26 15:05
Yufu is an area/region. Yufuin is a town.

The Yufuin no Mori train does not stop at the station you wish to.

You are better off (if you wanna use a train) to take the subway to Hakata. Sonic Express to Oita. Then local train to your station.

You can use google maps or hyperdia to view your options...,+Y...
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Re: Traveling to Yufu 2017/2/26 16:42
I am not sure what you mean by "yufuin no mori office only open at 10am". Yufuin-no-mori is a JR train, so you can reserve and buy tickets for it at any JR train ticketing window.

Hakata is a big train station (with a bus terminal next to it), and that's where you can catch all JR trains.

Yunohira station is just south of Yufuin station, but the train Yufuin-no-mori does not stop there. You can ride a Yufuin-no-mori train to Yufuin station, then transfer to reach Yunohira station.
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