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Japanese names 2017/2/27 18:20

(I love Japan despite having never been, and I love Japanese art and culture).

I am writing a fictional story set in Japan.

I have picked a name for a character Kiyoko-Hachiro.

Is this ok for a Japanese name for a forest creature? Is this two names into one ok and believeable, I mean?

Looking forward to your views and comments.

Kindest regards,
by Anisa (guest)  

Re: Japanese names 2017/2/27 23:05
Well, anyone is free to name characters in any way, but Kiyoko is a typical female's name and Hachiro is a typical male's name, so if you combine them it does sound extremely unusual. It's natural to assume that there is a very good reason to have a name like that.
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Re: Japanese names 2017/2/28 12:16
For using Last name "Hachiro" is not matched exactly. (already mentioned)
"Hachi" means "8/eight" usual but meaing from
- son of 8th
- born in AUG
- Japanese lucky number calling "suehirogari(kanji shape)" mostly.
"-ro(-rou)" is one of boy/male name but now Hachiro is already older as sound.

So picking up from real last names list(lower number of list) may easier.
If relly like "hachi" as sound you can find "”ͺ(hachi/8)"
or other –I(bee),”«(bowl) using names not so hard.
”ͺ”¦ "Hachiman" is the most.
(”ͺ”¦ based from shrine "Hachiman-sama" usual)

If that woman/girl's charactor is heel/bad/ –I–ξ"Hachiya"
means "bee arrow/as needle" may matched :)
Kiyoko's kiyo(΄/Œ‰) means "clean" but she is,,,@
Also "-ko(Žq)" style already overed as naming trend "Kiyomi" is better.
This "-mi" is "”ό" a lot means "beauty/sexy" matched more for woman/girl name.

Basically most Japanes name meaning from somthing of Nature.
Recent Governor of Tokyo Yuriko Koike (¬’r •S‡Žq Koike Yuriko)'s
’r(ike) means "pond" and •S‡(yuri) means "lily(flower)".

BTW,which era's story?
If long long ago... modern style naming may not matched.
If over 100 yrs before only "Kiyo" or "Okiyo(as nick)" best than Kiyoko.

this is most famous how to make main plot.
(This is not only for adventure story)
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Re: Japanese names 2017/2/28 13:25
Awesome, thank you, that's so helpful.

I will go away and do some more research.

I had wanted Kiyoko-Hachiro to be the male character, so I will choose another name for him.

Many thanks!

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